Collegium Pansophicum is a repository and organ for teachings of the Western Mystery and Magical Traditions. In particular, it is dedicated to the chain of wisdom embracing Rosicrucianism and Pansophy as well as Hermeticism, Kabbalah, Platonism, and the Chaldean and Egyptian traditions as understood historically

Similar to the climates of medieval Andalusia/Sefarad and ancient Alexandria, Collegium Pansophicum seeks a familial path of cross-exchange involving the diaspora of divine wisdom(s) spread throughout the world, shared for the sake of healing and uplifting souls through rites of mysticism, magic, and the development of the inner life, in vernation and recognition of the fully ensouled and spirited natural cosmos.

The organization’s namesake derives from the late German book collector, antiquarian, occultist, Rosicrucian, and theosophist, Heinrich Tränker. We honor Tränker’s vision for a Pansophic Society built upon the law of Sophia: the grace of Wisdom’s universal embrace bestowed through the providence of divine Love and Will. The Collegium also upholds Karl Christian Friedrich Krause’s universal philosophy of Panentheism and his Ideal of Humanity and Universal Federation. Our motto LLL follows the words of Johann Gottfried Herder: “Lichte, Liebe, Leben” (Light, Love, Life).

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